The Gene Krupa Museum

There are really only two logical locations for a museum dedicated solely to the history of Gene Krupa’s life, career and equipment. Yonkers, NY. and Chicago are the only two places Gene was “from”. Rather than make an arbitrary decision as to location, my hope is to just bypass the whole issue and present a “Virtual” museum that actually provides a great deal more than one ‘brick and mortar’ place ever could.
The mission of this (virtual) museum is to educate, research and preserve anything related to the history of Eugene Bertram Krupa. From his personal, as well as his professional life.

DISCLAIMER: This site was created in memory of and as a tribute to Gene Krupa. I do not claim ownership rights to a majority of the  information, photos, images or music used. I only claim rights to the book cover photo (GK), my own written content, website layout and any original graphics.