The Book!

The Definitive book on Gene Krupa’s equipment history


(Available SOON to Museum patrons)
…Getting closer!

Just an update on the progress of the book…
After reaching a decent ‘stopping point’ with writing and research on GK it was time to get serious about more extensive efforts on publishing it. One thing that had been a long-standing problem with what had taken years to build was the quality of the software used. It just was not all that great. I could no longer accept its results as satisfactory. Hence, after some conversations with a few friends who are “pros” in the publishing and commercial graphics biz, I took the plunge into a crash course on using the ‘grown-up’ software that they use every day. What a tremendous improvement it was! It has taken a solid month and a half (every day and night) to make the transfer to higher quality but the results have been most pleasing! (one can actually READ tiny images of catalog pages, etc.!)
I now need to acquire decent Index-making software and a few tweaks to content. Once done with that, it will be ready to launch!
Do stay tuned!

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