“Close Encounters”

This page is set aside for all those followers of the Museum who want to include their experiences of meeting and/or seeing and hearing Gene in their lives. Preferably with an accompanying photo and short story.
[One simply has to send an email of the story/photo (if available) to the site admin and it will be copied and pasted onto this page. The only prerequisite is that it includes as much factual ‘data’-dates/times/places/etc-. and that you keep the ‘story’ as short and concise as possible.]

Here is the story that goes with Bob’s photo:
“My dad played with many big bands in the 40’s. Being Bob Jr. I got my first drum set on my very first Christmas. As I grew up, my dad would tell me Krupa stories. He said he knew Gene. I didn’t really believe him. Then he said Krupa was playing with the house band at the Holiday Inn for one night only. We arrived at the club, and there was Krupa, surrounded by hundreds of drummers and admirers. I asked my dad if we could get an autograph so we waited in line. There must have been 100 drummers waiting just to see him. My dad said, “Gene, over here “. Gene looked up and said, ” Bob, is that you “. I couldn’t believe it…..Gene Krupa actually did know my dad. He called us up to the front of the line. Gene asked if I played and I said , “Yes sir”. He said “sit down and tell about your playing”. I sat next to him for over 40 mins as he met the line of fans. One guy asked him, Gene , who’s the Kid?’ Gene looked up and said , “Kid………….he’s not a kid, this is my new friend Bob Jr. and he plays the drums too!” Never forget that night.

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