Myth Flush 2

It has always been remarkable (to me anyway) that people can accept a statement made as “fact” without bothering to question its validity. Nowhere does this seem to be more prevalent than in the wild and wooly world of vintage drums. Add a layer of pseudo credibility in the form of a ‘word salad’ of technical terminology, name dropping and just plain BS and, (ta-da!!!), a myth is born. It will often out last the truth for years and years (yeah, there are STILL flat-earth believers to this day!!)…
As the next Myth Flush article entry, herein is a glaring example of the point. Another set of absurd claims, an attempt to legitimize said claims by getting some “experts” involved in the fable and presenting it all with virtual thumbs in vests as…..fact.
Obviously, people believe what they want to but it seems better that it is based on real factual information, no?
[Addendum]…Worth noting that, since that article was written, it has been shown that Gene did have one similarly “retro-fitted” 16 floor tom. Clearly, however, not the same drum as in this bogus grouping, however. Some clear and obvious differences. Not least of which being the physical positioning of the retro-fitted #1290 leg brackets.
It has also been revealed (by one of the, seemingly, multitude of recent sellers of this stuff) that the 13″ mounted tom actually originally had completely different model lug casings on it!! Thus explaining the complete absence of interior photos…
Now, having been purchased (yet again) to another unwitting “victim”, the myth continues to march along…For those who even care about these bogus things, suffice it to say, it is not nor ever was a Gene Krupa set, regardless of how vociferously the owners (current and prior) try to say it is. The burden of proof is on them. Where is their (genuine) evidence?

3-Bogus Slingerland restoration set

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