Myth Flush 4 (Exhibit 2)

…and for the (so far) final bit of grumping, to finish out a year many will be happy to forget, herein is Exhibit 2…
60’s Bogus-Exhibit 2
It’s important to stress that there are indeed many known GENUINE and attributable Gene Krupa items out there and, hopefully, many more to be found. My book covers those things that have crossed my ‘path’ and/or have been reported and are, of course, verifiable. These things cover the entire span of Gene’s spectacular career. From a 1936 tom tom to snare drums that still stood in his Yonkers basement as late as 1972.
The main focus is on what was Gene’s especially. Yes, at times he was known to have used things once or twice but they were not HIS and the whole issue of solid provenance gets ridiculously ‘dodgy’. The ‘real’ things are treasures ALL! Mostly, because they are proven to truly be what they are said to be.
I would also add that, if you are someone who believes you possess something of Gene’s but are nervous about seeming to be foolish by making it public, I can only suggest that, if it’s ‘real’, history is best served by the minute details within the broadest picture one can paint of it. Each true article gets added to the color palette, thus adding to the whole image. All are pieces of a beautiful work of historical “art”…It should be shared.
On the other hand, if you are one of those who hopes to profit from passing off fakes,…well, might want to re-think that….
Thanks to the able assistance of friend/great drummer Timm Biery, here are pdf versions he did, added for those who may have more ‘up-to-date’ systems than the absurdly antiquated ones this author has!

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